Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spliner Cell Blacklist, Diablo 3, iPad Mini

Splinter Cell Blacklist (Steam)

Played through a couple of the opening missions and it felt like a refined Splinter Cell game.  The graphics look amazing especially on an Nvidia card, Ubisoft and Nvidia partnered up to make the PC versions of their latest games look awesome.  I did have some issues playing the game on the launch day, I had to modify an .ini file to make the game load in a window otherwise it would crash, that issue is fixed now.

I have a love/hate relationship with stealth games.  In most stealth games once you are spotted it's reload time and for Splinter Cell, even though you can run away and hide, I want to try and make it through the level without alerting guards so I have to be in a mood to replay sections.  There have been times that I've been spotted and didn't think I should have but it hasn't happened that often.  The stealth is handled pretty well and you have a lot of gadgets to help you move through the levels.  Each level has multiple paths so if you explore the area you can find some easy ways to eliminate targets. 

They changed the voice actor for Sam, the new guy does a good job, but I do miss the voice of Michael Ironside.  Your main base of operation is a plane and you have various crew mates in different sections where you go and talk to them and get information and some secondary missions.  It feels a bit like Mass Effect.  One of the secondary missions I went on was to eliminate 20 hostile targets and that was a lot of fun even though I restarted multiple times.  The AI is very good in this game and they have varying routes so you have to sit, watch, and time your movements.  I opened a door in one house and a bit later I had an enemy checking it out asking who left the door open.  In another a passing guard was looking around for one of his buddies who he talked to earlier before I took him out.   

Diablo 3 (360)

Having so much more fun playing the console version versus the PC.  I've already found a couple of legendary items and that's just in Act 1,  also vendors are selling quite a few of them.  The loot is so much better in this game that it just adds to the I just need to play a bit more to see what cool thing I can find next.  I started out playing a Witch Doctor and was enjoying the ranged attacks, it felt a bit like Pikman or an RTS because of all the minions I had fighting on my behalf.  I could stand back and play general as I was hurling jars filled with spiders and sending in my 2 summoned zombie dogs to attack the enemy.  I created a Monk and that class is really cool, I barely played with that class on the PC version.  The sound design in the game is amazing as every melee attack just has a resounding thud when it lands that just makes the hit feel powerful. 

iPad Mini

I bought my parents the original 3G iPad when it came out since they live in the country and don't have Internet access.  My mom used it a bit to look at pictures but my Dad was never got interested in it until 2 months age, now he's hooked.  He's never used a computer or a smart phone so there is quite a bit of a learning curve, the iPhone seems easy but in reality it's not very intuitive. The hardest thing is all the passwords you have to remember.  He wanted to attach pictures to an email and when he went to the photo page he selected 10 pictures but the email option didn't show up he could only send the photos as a message.  After doing some researching I found that In iOS 5 you could only send 5 photos in an email, the email option should have been grayed out to let you know this instead of just disappearing.  I was impressed that he signed up for Paypal and eBay.

The original iPad is pretty old now and since it doesn't support iOS6 I upgraded him to an iPad mini this weekend.  We got the Logitech keyboard/case and it works very well.  I like the feel and the size of the mini.  The speed increase is very noticeable and he's able to get 4G speeds where he lives so that will help as well. We got the 3GB plan for $30 so I'll see how long that lasts before he has to upgrade to the 5GB plan for $50, it also includes tethering at that price so it's not too bad.  Last night I got a call about him having trouble connecting to email so I spent about 40 minutes on that. We eventually had to delete his email account and recreate it to fix the issue. 

New Releases - Next week it GTA V.


Aarklash: Legacy (download)
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (download - $20) - First game was probably one of the scariest games ever.
Arma 3 - Multiplayer only.  Single player campaign to come later.
Huntsman: The Orphanage (download - $15)
Iron Soul (download)
Legend of Dungeon (download - $10) - Cool indie Rouge-Like
The King of Fighters XIII (download - $30)
Volgarr the Viking (download)

Xbox 360

DuckTales: Remastered (XBLA)
NHL 14

PlayStation 3

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD (PSN)
Dragon Fantasy Book II (PSN)
Hunter's Trophy 2: Australia (PSN)
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix  -  A remake of a classic Disney and Square Enix calaboration.
Mystic Heroes (PS2 Classics)
NHL 14
Puppeteer  -  Awesome looking platformer.  Probably picking this up.
Sanctum 2 (PSN - $15)

Wii U

The Wonderful 101 - Finally another game for the WiiU probably pass though.


Killzone: Mercenary  - A good FPS on a handheld?

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