Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Samsung CHG90, Beat Saber, Sim Rig

Samsung CHG90 Monitor


  • Curved 49" at 32:9 resolution.  It's a beast.
  • I really need to stop buying monitors.  


  • The monitor is huge and luckily it fit on my Obutto monitor stand after 3 unsuccessful attempts of trying to install it on the bracket upside down.
  • I had triple screens awhile back, but never liked the bezels and all the wires associated with the setup.  So now I have basically the same thing with just 2 wires.  
  • I mainly bought it for my racing rig and it works perfect for racing games as it looks like a windshield.  
  • Playing FPS games on it is awesome as well, but it can be a bit disorientating at first since the screen is so large, it takes some time to get used to. 
  • The curved screen makes sense for a PC monitor because I sit close and the whole screen is in my peripheral vision that it sometimes feels a bit like VR.  
  • It is only 3840x1080P so it's not the sharpest resolution, but it does support HDR and 144Hz.


  • It supposedly has the same QLED panel as their new Samsung TV's but it can't compare to my OLED.  The blacks are nowhere close to being pure darkness.
  • Surprisingly most games do support the resolution, but some of the UI elements can't be moved so like in Pillars of Eternity the character tabs are on the far left corner which makes them tough to use. 

Beat Saber


  • VR Music Rhythm game with Light Sabers. 
  • Did I mention Light Sabers? 


  • The game play is simple but extremely fun, this is a game that wouldn't work without VR.  
  • You have two light sabers that are red and blue, colored squares with an arrow come down a lane towards you that shows you which way to slice the block in half and which light saber to use.
  • The amount of force you use to slice the block determines your point score so it encourages you to go crazy.
  • The music is written specifically for the game so it actually feels like a dance once you start getting to the higher difficulties.
  • The game is a great way to workout.  After playing about 3 songs I was starting to sweat and after 30 minutes I was curious how many calories I had burnt.


  • Game is in early access so there is only 10 songs currently. 
  • When you swing the light sabers around they don't sound like the ones from Star Wars. 
  • You will sweat so dress appropriately.  

Racing Sim Rig

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  1. Awesome! I found this via a google image search for the CHH90 + Obutto, as I'm contemplating switching from 3x Asus 144hz (1920x1080) monitors ti this, and I'm having a hard time getting a sense of the scale.

    It sounds like you are generally happy with the change? How is it with flight sims/space sims? I'm mostly flying in DCS and E:D.