Monday, February 20, 2017

OLED 4kTV, Resident Evil 7, Metal Gear Revengeance, Ryse:Son of Rome


  • Wow! Amazing! Unbelievable! Crisp! Awesome! Colorful! Bright! 3D! HDR! Can you believe how black that is?
  • Now that that's out of the way. 
  • I've been debating getting an OLED TV for quite some time.  While I do love my projector and the large screen there is just something about the graphical pop that you get from a back-lit screen that I really like.   I have a Plasma TV which has a great picture with a good black levels, but it was very heavy and did use a lot of electricity.
  • The minute I hooked this TV up I knew it was going to be awesome.  It has a screen saver that shoots fireworks and in my dark room it looked like they were coming out of thin air. When nothing is on the screen I can't even tell it's in the room.  The black level is amazing.
  • My PC is very far away from my receiver and TV and one of my cables doesn't support the bandwidth needed for 4K so I was playing at 1080P for most of the time and that content looked fantastic up-scaled to 4k.  
  • I did get a curved 2016 model because it has 3D which is being left out of the 2017 models and I'm not sure why.  3D on this set is amazing everything is so colorful and crisp.  It uses passive technology so the glasses are like sunglasses, very light and not as dark as the active glasses. 
  • I tried about 20 games this weekend and each one looked incredible.  It amazing how much a difference the absolute black level can make.
  • I also tried out the HDR mode and it's great as well.  It's hard to explain, but the effect is jaw dropping. I wish I would have waited to play RE7 on this TV.  
  • The Tv is super thin as well about the width of my iPhone 6 and weighs about 50 pounds and it fit perfectly on my stand. 
  • I do have one issue and that is the edges has a silver trim which at times does reflect the light on the screen so I need to find something to cover that up.  
  • Another issue is with my Comcast X1 box,when I enable HDMI deep color the box will not connect to the TV. I was able to work around this issue by connecting my receiver to the Xbox One and watch it that way.  Comcast does have a 4k box that I need to upgrade to.  
  • If you have the money then I do suggest getting an OLED TV, it has the best picture that I've ever seen.  

Resident Evil 7

  • The last couple of Resident Evil games were really just action games with little to no survival horror elements.  While I did enjoy those games I did miss the uneasy feeling the original and RE4 gave me. 
  • Resident Evil 7 returns to it's survival horror roots, at least for the first 10 hours.  There were times I had to quit the game just to calm down and relax.  
  • The beginning hours are the best when you are sneaking around an old decrepit house with really no way to defend yourself. You see some really crazy stuff and it's very effective for setting the unsettling mood of the game. 
  • The game did scare me on several occasions and it did limit the use of jump scares which I liked.
  • A couple of the "boss" fights seemed to go on a bit too long but other than that on the normal setting the game felt balanced.
  • My main issue with the game is with the last 2 hours.  It sort of goes away from horror and returns to just action.  They try to make it tense by having you fight in tight quarters but it's the same enemies you've been fighting the whole game and they aren't varied enough.  
  • Overall this was a fantastic game that I finished in a week and highly recommend.  I will definitely play again in VR once the Sony exclusivity ends. 

Metal Gear Revengeance

  • Bought the game 4 years ago, just now finished it.
  • An awesome hack and slash game in the Metal Gear Universe.
  • Cutting up enemies in hundreds of pieces never gets old.
  • The cut-scenes are amazing with some great graphics.
  • Probably took over 100 screenshots.
  • Crazy dialog.
  • The final boss was extremely frustrating and I almost quit without beating him.  I looked online and did find out the trick that I was missing and once I tried that it was better.  

Ryse: Son of Rome

  • Another game that I bought 4 years ago and finally finished.
  • The graphics were amazing at the time and they still hold up, 
  • The combat was pretty fun, but it could have used a bit more variety.  
  • They have an action system kinda like the Doom melee kills but the prompts are a bit slower which does hamper the fluidity of the combat.
  • The game was a fun diversion and the store was interesting.

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