Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Uncharted 4, Doom, Pocket Jockey

Uncharted 4

  • Really excited for this game as it's one of my favorite series.  
  • The graphics are probably the best in any game.  Naughty Dog can really push the Playstaion hardware to it's limits.
  • The amount of detail in some areas is amazing and it's just fun to walk around an look at the environment, luckily there is a picture mode to capture your favorite places.
  • The game does play like the previous games but as always there are some little touches that make the game feel fresh.
  • The platforming feels a bit more complex in that there seems to be multiple ways up and the next jump point isn't always easily visible.  
  • The combat is still a mixed bag.  The melee combat feels lacking this time with only two buttons, there are more contextual attacks but overall it seems a step back.  The gun play is also the same as the enemies seem to take too many bullets and at times there are just too many enemies.  I really wish they could make an Uncharted game without all the guns.
  • The story and characters are all well done and they do have some nice throwbacks to the previous games.
  • I've only played the first 9 chapters and I've read the later ones are even better which is great because what I've played so far has been incredible and I really want to see more.


  • I should be farther in Uncharted 4 but Doom is really good and it's hard to stop playing the campaign. 
  • The game does feel like the original Doom, the game is fast and fluid and if you stay in one spot for more than 3 seconds you will probably die.
  • The game wants you to move and shoot at all times and the pace it creates is exciting and fresh and feels different than all the other current shooter, there isn't even gun reloading which is awesome, 
  • The game looks fantastic but it's the sound that is really awesome.  The game is full of bass, from landing from a fall to the music that kicks in when a battle begins, my seat never stops moving from the buttkicker speaker. 
  • The brutal kills which has the animations tied to them are really quick and you do need to perform those often since those kills cause the enemies to drop heath.  
  • I started playing on the normal difficult and I didn't die very often so I kicked it up to the next level and the combat seems more frantic which is better but I am dying a lot more now and some of the checkpoints are far apart.  I need to do more testing to see if the combat is really different on the higher level or just that the enemies hits are harder.  
  • There are a ton of secrets to find as well and there seems to be some alternate paths that you can only get once you gain some abilities.
  • Overall I think this is the best FPS single player shooter I've played in a long time.  It feels fresh and new.  Doom is back.

Pocket Jockey (3DS)

  • This is a horse racing game mixed with solitaire and it's awesome.  
  • You play as a jockey trying to win the big Derby and you win races by playing solitaire.  It sounds crazy and it is but it is really fun.
  • During the race you play solitaire and the cards you remove give you power that you use to power your horse though the race and give your horse the extra oomph down the home stretch.  
  • The game is a bit hard to explain in writing but actual playing the game is a ton of fun.
  • The writing in the game is hilarious as well and had me laughing out loud in the first 2 minutes.  
  • It's only $7 but definitely worth it.  

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